Instrumentation Reference Book Fourth Edition

Preface to the Fourth Edition In this fourth edition of the Instrumentation Reference Book we have attempted to maintain the one-volume scheme with which we began while expanding the work to match the current view of  the automation practitioner in the process industries. In the process industries, practitioners are now required to have knowledge and skills far outside the “instrumentation and control” area. Typically, automation practitioners have been required to be familiar with enterprise organization and integration, so the instruments and control systems under their purview can easily transfer and receive needed information and instructions from anywhere throughout the extended enterprise. They have needed substantially more experience in programming and use of computers and, since the first edition of this work was published, an entirely new subdiscipline of automation has been created: industrial networking. In fact, the very name of the profession has changed. In 2008, the venerable Instrumentation Society of America changed its official name to the  International Society of  Automation in recognition of this fact. The authors and the editor hope that this volume and the guidance it provides will be of benefit to all practitioners of  automation in the process industries. The editor wishes to thank Elsevier, and his understanding and long-suffering publisher, Matthew Hart, and the authors who contributed to this volume.

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